Willy Cupcake Mould – making more than Cupcakes!
Every girl has an unknown wild side to her and the Hen’s night is the perfect occasion to reveal it. Everyone loves cupcakes but there is no stringent rule as to what shape they come in. Well, here’s a mould if you plan to get a little wild and naughty before the D-Day. The mould features six sets of penis shaped depressions that will bring out a unique shape in your cupcakes. You can always find a variety of creative ways of eating them up! All The Willy Cup Cake Mould needs is a packet of cake mix that is to be placed into the mould for a quick cooking. Do remember that the cupcakes will rise as they heat up and so will the shape. Finally, you would certainly be achieving a highly realistic shape calling for a lot of giggles. The product is highly durable and can be used more than once. Just remember to keep the temperature to a maximum of 230 degree Celsius. Made of silicone, the mould will never rust and could also be a unique gift for anyone. The cupcakes thus mad are not just for eating but you can also organise a competition of how creatively someone decorates them on a plate. You can also elect a jury to judge how many points participants get in eating the cupcakes! It’s all fun and doesn’t need to be carried forward in pictures!