Top Theme Ideas For A Hens Party
A hens party can be transformed from being ordinary to extraordinary easily with a proper theme. A theme based party would be etched in our memory forever. When it comes to choosing between the available themes, things can get a bit trickier. Select a theme based on the personality and the likes of the bride. Some themes that are gaining wide popularity among hens are here,-  If your friend is known for her lady like behaviour, treat her with a tea party in a garden with hens night decorations all around you. -  Bring out the children in all of you by playing hens night games like scavenger hunt. The more creative you are with the games the more fun you will likely have. -  Spend a day together in a spa. Sometimes clear pores and a proper oil massage sounds very tempting than junk foods and alcohol. An additional advantage in going to spa is that you all would look lovelier on the wedding day. -  Whisk the bride to nightclubs and karaoke bars and make a fool out of yourselves. Nothing would be more liberating than that. -  If you want to feel privileged hire a limo and explore your local place, having booze all the way. -  Get the services of a tarot card reader and see what the future holds for all of you -  If the bride is an outdoor lover, go for a camp near your place which offers various activities like fishing, swimming and horse riding. Put your creative mind to good use and surprise the bride with your work. That would make her very happy which is your ultimate motive.