Making the hen night go wild with Pin the Torpedo!
Are you looking to make the last single night of the bride also the wildest and most memorable one? If your best friend and bride-to-be is opposite to the conventional high tea party girl, ‘Pin the Torpedo on the Sailor’ would be a perfect choice. A game revolving around adult fun, this would make a night full of naughtiness, giggles and screams! In fact, Pin the Torpedo on the Sailor has been a favourite game among all the wild girls stepping into their bachelorette night. The game is completely intuitive and brings out all the hidden desires girls have! After all, no one is supposed to speak of what happened at the Hen’s Night ever after! There are no photo-ops but certainly a lot of memories with your besties that you cherish for the rest of the lifetime. The Pin the Torpedo on the Sailor allows you to choose from two partially dressed sailors and 10 torpedoes and 2 mines! You already know what you are supposed to do! The torpedoes and mines come in all shapes and sizes and the girl who gets closest to the actual intended placement of the torpedo/mine also wins the poster! The game can go all night and calls for some really wild hoots! Remember, this is the last night of fun for the bride who will soon be in the shackles of marriage. Consequently, make it count. The Pin the Torpedo on the Sailor is available as a life size 24”x36” poster and also has a sexy sailor on the reverse side!