Hens Party

  1. How to Throw a Disney Themed Hens Party

    Hens night decorations

    People of all ages love Disney. Whether it be the movies or the theme parks, many people have always had Disney in their lives. So, why not incorporate this most-liked theme by all for your upcoming hens party? Here we’ve listed a few tips that would help you organise a Disney-themed hens party.

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  2. Hens Party Traditions that You Shouldn’t Let Go Of

    hens party products

    Every girl dream of a magical and elegant fairy tale wedding. While the thought of a romantic wedding can be exciting, the bride tribe is equally thrilled for the associated traditional events for the blushing bride, such as a hens party. From buying hens party products to planning the guest list, there are many fun things that you can do together with the bride, which allows you to spend more time with her before she says ‘I Do.’ Today, hens parties are getting extravagant, from hosting a hens party in exotic destinations to having multiple activities over several days. Here we’ve listed a few hens party traditions that you should embrace to have a fun-filled bonding experience.

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  3. Fun Things to Do at Your Hens Party

    cheap hens night games

    Doesn’t your bride love the idea of stumbling drunkenly between X-rated male review show? We have some good news for you! The old school hens night ideas that can make people cringe may not have a place in the evening of fun for a modern, enlightened bride. Today, these parties are more modern, fun, and super cool. The bride-to-be having her girl pals who are incredibly important in her life around her at the party is more important than any daggy ideas. Here are a few fun things you can do at a hens party that are relaxing, pampering, and luxurious.

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  4. Fun Theme Ideas for Hens Party at Home

    Fun Theme Ideas

    While a night out on the town is a popular hens party choice, planning a hen night at home can be more memorable. Honestly, it would be a safe and wise idea during this pandemic situation. The place doesn’t matter as long as the bride-to-be has her best team of girls around her. Creating the perfect hens party at home is plenty of fun, and she will have the perfect send-off into married life. Here we’ve listed a few hens party themes that go well with your at-home party. Pick out your favourite theme and get ready to party.

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  5. Tips to Host a Hens Party at Home

    Hens Party Supplies

    Hosting a hens party at home? Aren’t you sure where to start? Here we’ve listed a few tips to organise a fun hens party at home without breaking your budget.

    Know the Basics

    If you have been asked to organise a hens party for your friend, find out what the bride wants. Get cheap hens party supplies based on her desires as you don’t want to buy something that could make her feel completely gross. Also, ask the bride to prepare the guest list to ensure everyone is invited.

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  6. The Most Inexpensive Hens Party Ideas and Games

    Hens Party Ideas

    Looking for budget-friendly ways to make your hens night special? Here we’ve listed cheap hens party games and ideas that can make your hens night one to remember.

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  7. Simple Rules to Host a Hens Party

    Simple Rules to Host a Hens Party

    Every wedding and every bride is different! As a maid of honour, you are expected to handle a variety of maid of honour responsibilities of every size. From picking the perfect wedding dress to planning a hens party, you’ve some special responsibilities in helping the bride make key decisions. Here is a list of unspoken rules every bridesmaid or maid of honour must be aware of while planning hens night activities.

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  8. Unique Hens Party Ideas for Every Type of Bride

    Unique Hens Party Ideas for Every Type of Bride

    Planning for your best friend’s hens night? As the maid of honour, you must ensure that the bride has the best night ever. If you are stressing yourself way too much to provide the best hens night experience to the bride-to-be, here are a few unique hens party ideas.

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  9. Spring Hens Party Ideas that Get You Excited

    Spring Hens Party Ideas

    Are you planning to get married in the summer? Then spring is the perfect time for a banging bachelorette bash. Spring is the prime time to throw a hens party as this season offers you a lot of fun ideas for themes and rocking hens party activities. Here we’ve listed a few ideas and suggestions to plan a spring hens party.

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  10. Avoid These Three Things While Planning a Hens Party

    Avoid These Three Things While Planning a Hens Party

    Your best friend is getting married, and you are asked to be the maid of honour. It would be one of the best feelings in your life and comes with its own responsibility. Pulling a great hens party is a big responsibility, and you must spend a considerable amount of time to plan, buy supplies for hens party activities, and more. But, most of the times, people often get overwhelmed about the party and go on missing out the basic details behind any hens party. So, here we’ve listed the basic three things to look into while planning a hens party to make it a great success.

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