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  1. Awesome Ideas for Autumn Hens Party

    Autumn Hens Party

    Australian seasons aren’t like the traditional Western seasons. Autumn in Australia is a time of growth, and the Northern half of Australia is usually green at this time of the year. In many parts of Australia, there is an increase in rainfall, and most outdoor activities are ruled out. So, it’s crucial for the hens to find out some trendy ideas to make their hens party an unforgettable one.

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  2. Expert Tips to Have a Wonderful Hens Party Weekend

    hens night decorations

    Are you wondering how to plan a perfect hens party weekend? Here we’ve shared a few ideas that could help you guide through the tasks and have a wonderful hens party weekend.

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  3. Classy Hens Party Accessories for Bride and Her Tribe

    hens party sashes

    Looking for cheap and cheerful hens party supplies in Australia? No matter what your brides’ style for the hens party theme is, Hens Night Shop has the perfect and cheap hens party supplies for you. From favourite sashes to badges, we’ve listed a few accessories that would add more fun to your hens party.

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  4. Cute and Fun Hens Night Accessories Under A$10

    Hens Night Accessories

    Planning to organise a hens night that doesn’t break your bank? It’s easier said than done. With easy accessibility to fun hens night accessories and supplies online, it’s easy to go a bit overboard. But, for bridesmaids who want to throw the best hens party within the budget, we’ve rounded up a few cute and fun hens night supplies that are under $10.

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  5. Cash-saving Ideas to Throw a Budget-friendly Hens Party

    cheap hens night games

    Balling on a budget? Planning an affordable hens party is not as hard as you think! All you have to do is making tiny tweaks here and there to let everyone save some time and money while creating a hens party bash that the bride deserves. Here we’ve listed a few affordable hens party tips that help you kick-start a budget-friendly hens party.

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  6. Bachelorette Party Outfit Ideas for the Future Mrs

    Bachelorette Party Outfit Ideas

    After deciding the hens party venue, theme, cheap hens party products and hens night decorations, most bride-to-be’s struggle to find the perfect outfit for their hens night. From sassy party dresses to swimsuits, here we’ve listed a few bachelorette party outfit ideas for the bride to get inspired.

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  7. Should the Bride Pay for Her Hens Party?

    hens party products

    ‘Should the bride pay?’ is a burning question that arises when it comes to splitting expenses. When you can totally plan a hens night on a budget, splitting the bill is something that has become a huge question mark for groups everywhere. So, it’s always best for you to know who pays for what at a hens party.

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  8. 3 Pandemic-friendly Hens Party Ideas

    cheap hens night

    The COVID-19 pandemic has taught brides that, no matter what, a hens party is a must go on tradition. All you need is a few tweaks to adjust for social distancing, stay-at-home orders and proper mask usage, to celebrate a memorable hens party. Here we’ve discussed a few pointers that could help you organise a perfect hens party during a pandemic. But remember, COVID-19 pandemic is a constantly changing situation, and ensure to consult the safety guidelines and regulations suggested by your local authorities before finalising the plans.

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  9. Must-have Party Supplies for a Foodie Styled Hens Party

    Foodie Styled Hens Party

    Is the bride-to-be a foodie? Is the favourite thing of your group is to have a dinner party and catch up over some delicious food and a glass of red? Here we’ve listed some fantastic hens night supplies for the bride and hens that love their food.

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  10. Tips to Host a Camp-themed Bachelorette Party

    Camp-themed Bachelorette Party

    Do you want to add a fun twist to the traditional hens night? What about having a camping bachelorette party? It sounds intimidating and hectic if this is the first camping bachelorette party that you’ve been tasked to plan and execute. Here we’ve listed a few tips that help you to host a memorable camp-themed hens party.

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