1. Must-have Party Supplies for a Foodie Styled Hens Party

    Foodie Styled Hens Party

    Is the bride-to-be a foodie? Is the favourite thing of your group is to have a dinner party and catch up over some delicious food and a glass of red? Here we’ve listed some fantastic hens night supplies for the bride and hens that love their food.

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  2. Tips to Host a Camp-themed Bachelorette Party

    Camp-themed Bachelorette Party

    Do you want to add a fun twist to the traditional hens night? What about having a camping bachelorette party? It sounds intimidating and hectic if this is the first camping bachelorette party that you’ve been tasked to plan and execute. Here we’ve listed a few tips that help you to host a memorable camp-themed hens party.

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  3. Hot Deals from Hens Night Shop to Make Your Party Truly Spectacular

    hens party supplies

    If you are planning to celebrate your ‘last fling before the ring’ in the most fun fashion way, you may need some cheap hens party supplies such as hens party sashes, decorations accessories, games, and more. Hens Night Shop is the leading hens party shop online that stocks a range of themed party supplies such as decorative sashes, tiaras, and more to make your party fun and spectacular. Our products are available at bargain prices, and here we’ve listed our products in ‘hot deals.’

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  4. Best Party Essentials Guaranteed for a Night of Fun

    hens party decorations

    Is your close friend getting married soon? Planning a hens party can be a lot of fun, and there are plenty of hens party products that make your party a great success. Hens Night Shop is the place to go to get the right hens party accessories, supplies, and more to make it a night to remember. Here we’ve listed a few party essentials to make your hens night a great hit.

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  5. Simple Rules to Host a Hens Party

    Simple Rules to Host a Hens Party

    Every wedding and every bride is different! As a maid of honour, you are expected to handle a variety of maid of honour responsibilities of every size. From picking the perfect wedding dress to planning a hens party, you’ve some special responsibilities in helping the bride make key decisions. Here is a list of unspoken rules every bridesmaid or maid of honour must be aware of while planning hens night activities.

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  6. A Beach-themed Bachelorette Party–What You Ought to Know

    A Beach-themed Bachelorette Party–What You Ought to Know

    Summer months are near and what’s better than taking a trip down to the beach along with your pals? A beach-themed bachelorette party is a sure-fire way to add more fun to your event. Amidst the stress of planning the wedding during these uncertain times, a relaxing day at the beach is one of the best things your bestie will need. Here are a few ideas to throw a memorable beach-themed party.

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  7. Unique Hens Party Ideas for Every Type of Bride

    Unique Hens Party Ideas for Every Type of Bride

    Planning for your best friend’s hens night? As the maid of honour, you must ensure that the bride has the best night ever. If you are stressing yourself way too much to provide the best hens night experience to the bride-to-be, here are a few unique hens party ideas.

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  8. Spring Hens Party Ideas that Get You Excited

    Spring Hens Party Ideas

    Are you planning to get married in the summer? Then spring is the perfect time for a banging bachelorette bash. Spring is the prime time to throw a hens party as this season offers you a lot of fun ideas for themes and rocking hens party activities. Here we’ve listed a few ideas and suggestions to plan a spring hens party.

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  9. Can’t Travel for a Bachelorette Party? How About a Virtual Party and Themed Décor?

    Virtual Bachelorette Party

    COVID-19, the global pandemic hasn’t only put hundreds of weddings on hold but also the events associated with it. One of those is the bachelorette party, the bride’s last fling before the ring with her close friends and family. Most of the bridesmaids had to cancel hens parties in destination cities and dream getaway weekends for their friends due to travel restrictions. But don’t fret! You can still have an alternative hens party with a little extra creativity and planning on your end.

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  10. Cool Party Supplies for Your Hens Night

    Party Supplies for Your Hens Night

    From Miss to Mrs – Your wedding day is a day when you finally bid farewell to the single phase of your life. Pulling a great hens night before the ring will create memories to last a lifetime. Kissing the miss goodbye with your gaggle of gal pals is a rite of passage from yesteryear that every bride-to-be deserves.

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