Know When Attempting to Host a Hens Party

Did you know 4% of brides have a bachelorette party before getting married and the typical hens night costs less than $500 to facilitate, and there are generally 12-15 attendees? A hens night is the last fling before the ring for your bestie and the most memorable aspect of these gatherings is actually the assortment of activities. So, it’s essential to focus intensely on the hens party supplies and hens night games if you’d like to establish a fun, intimate plan for the big night.

A to-do list to plan a hens night party must have the following:

  • Choose an appropriate venue for your hens party
  • Compile a list of the guests you are planning to invite
  • Select the most suitable game plans, gift ideas, and entertainment options
  • Arrange transportation for your guests to visit the venue

Experts recommend to get started on these aspects at least one month in advance of your target date to make your party a great hit among the guests.

Once all the planning for the hens party is done, you must get ready to start purchasing your party supplies, including bachelorette party games, treats, costumes, and decorations.

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