Three Things That Must Go Into the Hens Party Survival Kit
A hens night can sometimes end up as an overdose of fun and alcohol, thus leaving the hens too exhausted for the following day. Why not greet every guest at the hens party with a special survival kit? In fact, many brides as well as bridesmaid have started to consider the survival kit as one of the important hens night accessories. They add a little more thought and effort to the idea of a survival kit and come out with some of the best creative ideas. Read on to find out how to put together a useful as well as an attractive survival kit for your hens party.

Water and some medicines

A small bottle of water with some painkillers and plasters can come in handy after a crazy night. The bottle of water is just a way to survive the overload of alcohol.

Some candies and sweet treats

After all, the hens night is one of the sweetest memories for the bride. Add some candy treats (feel free to add a touch of mischief in there), chewing gums or a big piece of chocolate to wash down the lashings of the wine from the previous night.

Personalised articles

A thoughtful gift with a personal touch is always appreciated. Small, inexpensive items like a hand-written note to your friend or a personal photo that you believe your friend would cherish or a simple thank you note can make all the difference Add these things into a cute, charming bag and you are all set to go!