Three Mistakes You Must Avoid While Planning A Hens Night
One of the most important duties of a bridesmaid is to host the hens night. Organising a crazy yet an enjoyable, last single night for your best friend needs lot of focus, grit and perseverance. Read on to learn the most important mistakes to avoid while planning your best friend’s hens party.

Do not let anyone and everyone to make and execute plans for you

You may have a very kind of bunch of friends who offer all the help you want for the party, but you must know where to draw the line. While delegating a few tasks is acceptable, it is better to not let too many cooks spoil the broth. Get professional assistance whenever required and keep the most important tasks under your control.

Do not embarrass the bride

You may know your best friend too well but it is always to better to have a few things checked before the party. For instance, have a word with the bride about the guest list. Obviously you do not want the bride’s not-so-close friends to grace the occasion. Similarly, too much eroticism may not go well with every bride and it is always recommended to understand the needs of the bride well in advance.

Do not ignore the importance of a theme

Themed parties may not amuse you much but themes are an easy to get the party better organised. Apart from adding a strong flavour to the party, a theme makes shopping for all hen night accessories supplies easy and simple.