Three Hens Party Games to Get Your Bride Blushing
The Hens Party is the perfect night to have some girls’ fun before your best friend takes the plunge. While funky party arrangements and great food are mandatory for the hens night, it takes some well-organised games to keep the party going without boredom. Here is a list of three hens night games to reveal the naughty side of the bride-to-be and her friends.

Pass the balloon with a question

Passing the balloon can have the group engaged in a fun way and also attenuate the décor of the party. During this game, take about 20-25 balloons with each one carry an embarrassing question in it. As the evening passes, have the guests to pop the balloon and make the bride answer each question. Perfect game to get the party going after a few drinks!

Craft the male model

This is one of the cheap hens night games and yet one of the funniest. Bring some china clay to the party and have the guests model their favourite male parts. Add points for realism or rather optimism, after all there is no stop for creativity and naughtiness when it comes to hens party games.

Spicy Story Time

Get all guests to write down as many embarrassing stories they have had in the past. Mix up all the story paper bits into the big bowl and get the bride to guess whom the story belongs to. Make sure the stories are spicy and can get the room roaring in laughter.