An erotic twist to your drinks with the pecker straw
To the unaware, the Silly Pecker Straw will just look like another uniquely shaped and cute pink straw to suck up the margarita. However, only the wild one knows what the straw is all about! If you are organising a wild and fun Hen’s Party for your best friend, the Silly Pecker Straw will be another interesting addition to the scheme of things. Of course, it will attract a lot of giggles but that’s what is supposed to happen! Buy enough of these straws as some girls will surely be stealing them away! There’s even a game revolving around these novelty straws. Everyone gets to choose one straw from a stack and the one who draws the shortest straw has to forfeit! The game goes on and the winner is decided by the person who stays with the longer straws till the end! Laughter is unavoidable and participants always discover a wide side of theirs – even if they had been sober like forever. The idea of such games is to actually establish a bond between close friends and create a night that will stick as a memory of a lifetime. The straw is just a representative and a tool to bring out the true nature, carefully hidden underneath the innocent face! The Silly Pecker Straw Pink comes in a variety of sizes, with the longest one measuring 255mm x 52mm x 5mm and is made of PVC material. Make sure that you dispose them off carefully after the night!