How to Plan a Great Hen’s Night for the Bride-to-Be!
A hen’s night is all about celebrating the coming married life of the bride-to-be and waving goodbye to single life. On par with the traditional buck’s night, the hen’s night can range from quiet and serene to raucous and loud. Organising a hen’s night usually falls to the best friend of the bride-to-be so it’s important that it’s done right!

Advice on a Fun Night

A bachelorette party can really be anything that you want it to be but it’s always important to remember the following:
  • Girls Only: Only invite girlfriends who get along well together and can have a load of fun. The last thing that any bride-to-be wants to have to deal with is friends who are arguing and fighting on her night out!
  • Venue: It’s common for a hen’s night to be at a city bar but they can be anywhere, including cafes, restaurants, and someone’s home. The important thing to remember is that everyone should be comfortable.
  • Games: Spicing things up with some cool hen’s night games is always a good idea. In fact, some ladies even like to dress up!

Making it a Night to Remember

There are definitely a few things to remember when planning a bachelorette party for a friend but most important of all is that everyone has a great and memorable time!