How to Make your Bachelorette Party Fun sans the Stripper
Kudos to you if you’re getting married, but you do owe yourself one fabulous night as a single lady. To make your bachelorette bash as naughty and thrilling as possible, you can step away from the conventional norms and opt for a raunchy theme. If you want to make this night memorable sans the hassles of hiring a stripper, then you must partake in some sensational bridal shower games.
  1. Pampering yourself may be an excellent idea, but getting a mani pedi with the gals is certainly not the only way to celebrate. Leave that to the pre-party routine and gear up for some naughty games with the gals. You can play anything from pin the wiener on the sailor to breaking down a wiener shaped piñata. Nothing is more fun than taking turns to whack a wiener as it can be a great ice breaker between all your friends attending the get-together.
  1. The fun need not be limited to the games, for you can serve the booze in wiener styled cups or in paper cups imprinted with sexy images. Take every moment to add a little bit of naughtiness to the party and stay true to the raunchy theme.
  1. If the event is going to be attended by female cousins from your fiancé’s side or even your mother-in-law you may have to tone down the mischief to conform to conservative mind-sets. This is why you can banish the idea of a strip tease and stick to funky sunglasses ordered specially for the bride and her bridesmaids. Also available are tiaras that you can get in a stunning pink colour or glitzy silver to glam up your bash.
  1. It is the little things that count, so pay a little attention to the kind of confetti you chose candles you pick out to select exciting party ware. With customised designs that closely fit raunchy themes, the sky is the limit for your bash.
  1. You can also put together a playlist full of peppy dance numbers to swing to all night.
Your last evening as an unmarried belle is undoubtedly special. Many women choose to amp up excitement with bridal shower games that make for an unforgettable bachelorette party.