Why a Bachelorette Bash Trumps a Bachelor’s Party
If you thought a soon to-be-groom’s bachelor night was more fun than your own bridal shower, you couldn’t be more wrong. A man’s party is all about hanging out with the guys and usually frequenting the nearest strip club. Well ladies, you have a lot more to look forward to for your special evening. Take a look at why your bridal shower trumps the bachelor’s party.
  1. A men’s bash often ends up in the confines of a night club. It is here that they can spend hours gawking at strippers and pole dancers. However, a woman has a lot more in store for her. A bridal shower could adopt virtually any theme when you sport pretty hens party sashes. It could be a sophisticated tea-party with naughty baked goodies and stunning presents!
  1. While men shy away from exploring the joy of naughty treats, this is something you can embrace at your bash. Take a trip to willy world, with pecker-like pasta that you can also hand out as a party favour. Nothing trumps a bridal shower when it comes to food as you can order naughty treats and wiener shaped lollies!
  1. Women who wish to experiment a bit or explore their wild side can opt for a wide range of raunchy hens night games. These are the things that guys can only dream of, as you can play dress-up with your pack of bridesmaids or even have a drinking game.
  1. While some men think of driving to a casino to test their luck with cards and poker; you can have your own version of fun by sporting adorable tiaras and veils. Pose for pictures with the girls as you don sunglasses, or a pretty pink tiara that has been custom-made for the bride to have a swell time.
Whether it is your sister that you are hosting the shower for or your best friend, remember that it is a night the bride will reminisce about for the rest of her married life. So pamper her with some hens party sashes and a lovely tiara as she cherishes her final evening flying solo.