Hosting a Non-Traditional Hens Night
So, your bestie’s bachelorette party is coming up, and this is probably the fifth one you will attend this wedding season. You are already exasperated with the endless rounds of rose wine, bar-hopping and sleepless nights. Do you want to break the mould a little and do something unexpected, now that you are responsible for the planning of the hens night? Once you know that the same old is not expected of you, it is more freeing! And you can come up with a number of exciting themes for what can turn out to be the best girls’ night for your bestie and all the girls. You have more options for hens night games, and you can challenge the girls to a more action-packed night, rather than sitting on bar stools waiting for your drinks to come. Here are some ideas for hosting a pleasantly unexpected non-traditional hens night:
  1. Scavenger Hunt: people love riddles and finding buried treasure. Combine the two and host your very own scavenger hunt. Base the theme on the bride-to-be by including spots around the town that she loves or frequents, or where she and her partner met etc. You could even split your invitees into groups and get them driving around town, following your cleverly planted clues. Of course, you will need some help with this, so get a friend who can be in on it, and not reveal the secret! Along the way, include some hens party games in the form of challenges, that your guests will have to have video proof of!
  2. Road Trip: take your bestie and your close friends on a road trip down memory lane. Take her back to her hometown, or visit her high school or college. Don’t forget to hit up her favourite hangout spots! Stay in little B&Bs and take in a bit of the countryside. Plan some simple hens night games around a little campfire, roast marshmallows and talk about the old days. And when she gets back home, she will have new memories to go with her old ones!
  3. Co-Ed Bachelorette Party: this can truly be an unexpected one. Every girl has a few guy friends, and it is sad that they miss out on your bestie’s last few days partying as a single girl. Why not invite the guy friends too, and even combine forces with the best man to bring all the mutual friends of the couple together as one large, super-fun party! When you have the guys on your side, you have more hands on deck to plan much more adventurous parties and it can be an unforgettable day for the couple.