Four Tips for a Stress-Free Hens Night
Organising a great hens night is everything but easy. From grouses about the food to not having the right guest list, there is a lot of whinging to hear. The bridesmaid primarily shoulders the responsibility of organising the night and here is a special guide crafted to get the preparation right with no stress.

Plan Ahead

“Plan ahead and well ahead” must be the mantra for anyone who wishes to enjoy a stress-free hens night. Make a checklist of all the important things to be done and draft a plan of action. Be prompt to check for any major deviations in cost and time as you march towards the big night.

Get the Guest List

It is recommended to send out invitations after consulting the bride. The night is all about the Bride and it is only fair to have all her favourite people around. If it is a surprise party, it is better to keep the mothers-in-law and the sisters-in-law out, just to avoid any awkward moments but again check with the Bride!

Plan the Activities Tactfully

Do not rely on just the karaoke and the alcohol to keep the guests amused through the night. Use your creativity to organise some games and fun events to get the guests more involved through the night. Plan and purchase some fun hens night games to suit the preference of your bride and the guests.

Pick the Right Date

A hens night that is right before the wedding will only add more stress to the bride. Choose a comfortable date at least a couple of weeks before the wedding.