Top 5 Dos to Plan the Perfect Hens Night
If you have been the lucky one chosen as the maid of honour by your best friend, you will have a lot of responsibilities to fulfil on the wedding day. However, one important thing to do before the big day is to create a special big night for your friend that will celebrate her last few days of freedom. Planning a hens night may seem simple with drinks, games and accessories. However, if you want to create a night to remember, you must think of adding some special elements to make this party an once-in-a-lifetime one for your friends.
  1. Plan An Activity – You can plan a special activity like a day of pampering, a hobby class or a trip somewhere with adventure depending on the likes of the bride to be.
  2. Plan Fun-Filled Games– Ensure that the games for the hens party will be enjoyed by everyone in the group and it will create a joyful atmosphere on the special day. Get all the things required for the games ready in advance.
  3. Plan Surprises– You can get the bride’s friends, parents and relatives who couldn’t attend the party to call the bride on her special evening and wish her congratulations. This will definitely make her feel extra special.
  4. Plan the Accessories– You can always add glamour to the occasion by bringing in some fun-filled accessories for your friends. You can buy sashes, badges, napkins, forks and spoons, glasses, etc. depending on the theme or willy paraphernalia if you are looking for something a little wild!
  5. Plan Some Giveaway– You can make the event memorable by having a unique return gift for all the guests so that they always have something to remember the night by.
A hens night can surely be an unforgettable party with a few personal and well-planned touches.