All little girls dream about their pre-wedding bash along with their wedding. It is the time when a bride celebrates her new life and says goodbye to her previous life. It is an emotional and fun time. To make the best of it, you must connect and entertain everyone at the party. That can be done with the help of these- Best bridal shower games which are fun to play.

Break the ice with: Two truths and a Lie

Two truths and a lie is the best icebreaker at a bridal bash. All the women in the party are up for fun and innovation. All the party girls reveal their secrets with a twist in this game. You can enjoy your friends’ naughty confessions and misleading signals.

Chase the love story

Bridal shower is all about the bride and bridal shower games should be all about her and her love. After all, that’s how her life is changing. You can have fun guessing their love story. Pen down a couple of questions and ask then pass around a question card. Let each guest frame the answer. Finally come down to a new love story for the couple.

Wish Whisperer

Let all the guest come to the bride one by one and give her a secret wish. Send in good luck or chase memories secretly with the bride. It is the perfect emotional connect before the big day. These three bridal shower games break the ice, entertain guests, provide fun and finally create memoirs for the bride.