Five Accessories for the Lovely Bridesmaid on a Hens Night
The bridesmaid is the first person the bride goes to for help. She acts as the shopping assistant, event planner, florist, counsellor and shoulders the most important responsibility of organising the most memorable hens party. Here is a list of accessories to make the lovely bridesmaid outshine the other girls after all that hard work. Hens Party Sash: The hens night sash does not belong only to the bride-to-be. The bridesmaid can wear one too and maybe in a different shade of colour or with the word “bridesmaid” printed on it. Hens Party Sashes also make a great memento keepsake gift o why not grab one for yourself and also surprise the bride-to-be. Hens Headwear: Sport that funky head band with devil horns or flapper feathers to make you stand out of the crowd. While the more conventional tiaras are for the bride, the bridesmaid is free to experiment with other options. Feather Boa: Feather Boas are so trendy, colourful and complement your attire. They come in different colours and the bridesmaid can choose a single unique colour that is different from the bride-to-be or from the other guests. Glow Jewellery: Gold and Diamonds are not for the hens night and definitely not for the bridesmaid. Sizzle the evening with special glow jewels like rings, necklaces and bracelets. Glow Glasses: If that entire glow from the jewellery is not just enough, sport on a cool funky glow glass and show off your sassiness.