Budget-Friendly Hens Night Games That Offer More Fun
You don’t need to spend a lot of money to create a fun-filled hens night for your best friend. With the right planning and execution, you can definitely have an affordable party, without compromising on the fun quotient. Hens night games are a crucial part of any bridal shower and thus, they must be thought in advance to make the night memorable. You can find a range of games from the traditional sober to the naughty and dirty ones that can be played by dear friends. We bring you some cool ideas to enjoy a budget-friendly game session for the special event.
  1. Truth or dare – This game has been a party favourite for a long time now but it surely works every time. It gives a great opportunity to bond with the other guests, get to know each other and also enjoy the fun things people do to avoid telling the truth.
  2. Consequences – This is a fun-filled story telling game where everyone adds information to the story as the game moves along. The last person reads the entire story out loud, creating a lot of excitement and surprises in the room. You will only need a paper and pen for the game but the fun will be priceless!
  3. Pass the balloon – You can play this game with a big gang of friends as everyone should pass the balloon without dropping it on the floor or touching it with their hands. To make the game naughtier, you can even use some kinky objects instead of the balloons for the game.
These games only require creativity and not any extra bucks, ensuring that you can play cheap hens night games without missing out on any fun!