Things to Remember While Organising Hens Games
Games on the hens night is a great idea to get people involved and talking to each other. Choosing the right games and the right dose of these games for the night is not an easy task. Here is what you should remember before planning the hens games for the big night.

Choose a Game for the Guests

The right games are really the ones that go well with the theme as well as the guests of the night. If you are a group of girls wanting to go wild with the drinks, work out something along the same lines. For instance, ask them a series of naughty questions and for every “yes” make them gulp down a shot. The more they drink, the more truth emerges and the more fun it gets.

Games for the Budget

Simple bachelorette party supplies can be used to organise games under a stringent budget. Suck for a buck t-shirts, Stick a Dick Poster Game, Pecker Pinata and Willy playing cards are some of the cheap yet extremely funny games for a hens party.

Fairly, it is all about the Bride

You do not want to go overboard and leave the bride cringing with your choice of games. Have a talk with the bride in advance and learn about her preferences. This can keep away any potential chances for embarrassing moments.

Think Outside the Box

Set apart all those popular games that have existed since time immemorial. Put in your own creativity and come up with great ideas for customised party games. This can include anything from the nicest to the naughtiest.