Every bride is sure to be different with her own perception of the perfect bridal shower. Older brides may prefer a demure and sophisticated bash with a few fun games rather than a wild night with strippers and vodka. Take a peek at the essentials of a stylish bachelorette party for a reserved bride. •    Kinky Crockery and Cutlery Instead of using the same old crockery and cutlery like a regular dinner party; you have the creative freedom of doing something special. You can use peckers trays to serve sushi or canapés with pecker knives and forks to match. •    Naughty Desserts When you’re thinking of innovative hens party ideas; specialty food instead of the same old party buffet with fun naughty desserts would be perfect. You can choose wiener shaped jelly moulds for a sweet yet kinky dessert that is sure to bring up peals of laughter from all of the ladies. Other options include chocolate dipped whole bananas and pecker shaped cookies made from pecker shaped cookie cutters. •    Drinking Games If you wish to have sophisticated bash, some champagne in tall delicate glassware is in order. It is an excellent option as opposed to vodka; however, you can drum up a fun drinking game with flavoured champagne or a game of truth or dare with shots of tequila as punishment. These games bring out the naughty side of guests allowing the bride to see another side to her invitees. They certainly bring in a fun element that everyone attending the bachelorette enjoys.