If you have been asked to plan a hens night for your friend, you might feel the pressure to make it the best farewell night of her singlehood. This night will be incomplete without some exciting hens games. We bring you some unique game ideas that can ensure a fabulous celebration that will become a beautiful memory in the years to come! 1. Guess the Lingerie Every guest must bring a lingerie item to the party and the bride must guess who has brought it. Put up all the lingerie on a hanger and ensure that the bride is busy when the guests are giving their items. You can also make a drinking game during this and drink a shot every time she makes a wrong guess! 2. Designing the wedding dress This is one of the highest played cheap hens night games as it only involves toilet paper and unlimited imagination! Divide the guests into small teams and make them create a dream wedding dress for the bride with the tissue papers. Then, one of the team members must wear it and walk on the imaginary ramp in the room! The bride will judge and choose the winning team and dress. 3. The Wine Tasting Game If you are planning a sophisticated night, this is the perfect game. Each guest has to vote for her favourite wine without seeing its label. You can ask each guest to bring a bottle of wine and keep them in a bag so that the label is not visible. The bottle with the maximum number of votes will win and so will the guest who brought the bottle! Hens games are a great way to bond with friends and have a joyous night with your girl gang! You can pick the games based on the location, guest preferences and time involved.