A Hens night is the time when you can live your fantasies. But you do need a fantasy set up if you want all the parts of the dream to come true. So, theme your hens night according to the bride’s choice. Some brides are clear about what they want while others like to experiment. Here are top ideas and themes which you can experiment with:

Kiss the dice sweetheart

Marriage is a gamble of hearts so why not check your luck beforehand? It is a fun idea to take your friends out to a casino for a bachelorette bash. Girls can enjoy gambling in the evening followed by late night sleepover at a nice hotel. A long weekend party before the wedding is exactly what most brides’ need.

Pamper your body

While most brides enjoy parties workaholic ones appreciate a little relaxation time. So, if the bride works too hard or cares too much about her look then take her out to a spa. A slow moving day at a spa with relaxation and beauty therapy is a pretty way to pamper the bride.

Art meets disco

For a fun start take the bride out for a nude drawing class. Discover her creative style and then dress up for a night at a club. You can theme your dresses to Hollywood in 90’s, 80’s or 70’s. You can also try karaoke club. Choose activities which your bride to be enjoys but try to push her limits a little. Trying something new will make the night worthwhile.