How to Make the Bride-To-Be Feel Special on a Hens Night
If you have the responsibility to plan a hens night for your beloved friend, you must put in a lot of thought to ensure that it turns out to be extra special for the bride-to-be. There are some simple and easy things you can do to make this a night of a lifetime for your best friend.
  1. Theme – Remember to pick the theme of the party as per the likes of your friend. Plan the night around her special interests so that she can truly enjoy the evening. In order to spice up the theme, you can order some great bachelorette party supplies online as well.
  2. Food and Drinks – Add some extra thought in the food and drinks for the evening. Pick everything that the bride loves. You can even add a signature cocktail named after the bride to make her feel special.
  3. Party Accessories – Hens night accessories are a great way to enhance the glamour quotient of a party. You can get t-shirts, badges or sashes to make a statement on the special night.
  4. Capture the Memories – If you want to create memories for your friend, you might want to consider hiring a photographer for the event. Many times, girls forget to click pictures while having fun. With a dedicated photographer, the bride can be assured that all the experiences of the night will be captured.
  5. Trivia Game – To make the bride feel really special, you can include a trivia game in her honour where questions will be asked about her to all the guests.
If you want to leave the guests feeling special too, add an element of takeaway gift to make the night even more memorable. With all these things, you will surely ensure an unforgettable event for your special friend.