These Bridal Shower Games Can Guarantee Moments That Are Beyond Fun
Bridal Showers are the best fitting moment for your friends and family alike, have fun and laughter and enjoy the last single days with the Bride. Bridal Shower games are great ice breakers that can get everyone mingling and into a party mood. These games can get your guests on their feet, relaxed and enjoy themselves. So here are some great bridal shower games that can make this event special beyond fun and nice.
  1. Bridal Shower Trivia: Find out those who can manage to answer the nitty gritty questions of a wedding – What’s the average age of women getting married, who proposes a toast in the wedding and so on.
  2. The wedding song game: Play those infamous (or not so famous) wedding tunes and see who can identify them by saying aloud the title of such songs. A great ice-breaker this is!
  3. Bridal Bingo: Players mark off each item when the Bride to Be calls them out. The first person to get ‘bingo’ will be the winner. The prize can be anything, naughty or nice.
  4. Famous Couples: Our favourite game. The players must match the celebrity with his/her spouse. A little something to test your obsessiveness over celebrities and their personal lives.
  5. Animal Mates: This is a fun game wherein each animal has to be matched appropriately with its partner, by each guest. Rooster and hen, for instance. This is even better when couples play it.
Whatever be the nature of your party, don’t make a mistake by not adding these awesome and fun-stimulating Bridal Shower games for a memorable affair