An Ultimate Guide to Plan Your First Hens Night
Are you planning a hens party for your friend? Don’t know where to start? Organising a hens night is a daunting task, and you must ensure that all age groups will have a good time at your party. From choosing the right hens night supplies to keeping the bride happy and making sure everyone is going to have the best time ever, you will be tired and sometimes, may miss out on the most critical factors. To help you up, here is a perfect guide that helps you to prepare and plan a fun-filled hens night for the bride-to-be.

Tips to Plan a Hens Night

  • Discuss with the bride-to-be and decide on a date. It is recommended to choose 4-6 weeks in advance of the big day as it provides the guests time to organise money between the hen party and the big day.
  • Prepare a guest list and send out ‘Save the Date’ invitations so the guests can plan in advance.
  • Find out whether the bride wants to get involved in the hen party preparations. You can also ask her what she loved and hated about other hens.
  • When planning a hens party, you are catering for all age groups from different parts of the bride’s life. So, plan something that will not isolate any of the guests in your list. Find some activities that will suit the entire group to keep them involved.
  • Keep an eye on costs and allocate a particular budget to buy hens night accessories, supplies, meal, some sort of drinks, and more. Don’t spend more than your budget.
Follow the above tips to help you on your way of planning a fabulous day. Good luck!