4 Things that You Should Never Do in a Bachelorette Party
A hens party is the most important step on the road to the wedding and sets the tone and excitement of the big day. Whether you’re looking for a wild night out or something more low-key, we’ve great tips that help you host a memorable bachelorette party. In this blog, we list you a few things that you must not do on a bachelorette party.

Mistake #1

Embarrassing the Bride

Most of the times, when friends plan a hens night for the bride-to-be, get too carried away with the planning and end up choosing something she will hate. Never do this! Choose a few fun activities that are good-natured and don’t embarrass the bride-to-be. After all, it’s her night to enjoy and create memories.

Mistake #2

Plan under Budget

Don’t invest more on arranging a hens party. Instead, go for cheap hens night supplies online to get the budget right. Avoid spending more bucks on costly accessories and supplies the drains out your savings.

Mistake #3

Inviting Boys

If you are planning a hens party just for the bride, then keep it for the girls only. The presence of a single guy, even if he is the closest friend of your bride-to-be, it will make the mood different for everyone else in attendance. So, always choose to invite girls only over having a combined party.

Mistake #4

Sharing Photos without Approval

Remember, everyone has the right to control what goes public. So, take plenty of photos on the night, and wait until the next morning to ask permission from the guests and the bride-to-be before uploading anything. This could save you from some serious issues from popping up.