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  • 3 DIY-themed Hen Party Ideas

    As the bestie of the bride, you have a huge responsibility to create the perfectly fun and memorable hens night party for the bride-to-be. However, there are too many done-to-death themes, party games and ideas, that it is quite difficult to be original. So, how do you strike a balance – how do you make it fun, original and also easy to put together? Continue reading

  • 3 Dress-up Themed Hen Party Ideas

    Dressing up is something that little girls like to do in front of a mirror. Putting on mum’s long pearl necklaces, smearing on that lipstick, slipping your tiny feet into mummy’s heels are all part of the beautiful memories of being a little girl. And women, whatever their age, still have that little girl hidden deep inside of them. She never really goes away. Continue reading

  • Rest-and Relaxation themed Hens Party Ideas

    Wedding planning can be a seriously strenuous responsibility. Finding the perfect dress, buying the rings, booking the perfect hotel, flying in all the important guests, hair, makeup, food, the cake!! That has to be too much stress for the bride. No wonder some of them turn into bridezillas! You are her bestie and have the important duty of planning the perfect hen night party for the bride-to-be. Do you really want to take on a series of nerve-wracking activities that are just going to drain her out before her big day? Or… would you want to give her a perfect day of rest and relaxation, so she can calm herself, and be positively glowing on her special day? Yes, an R&R-themed hens party could be just the thing the bride-to-be could do with, especially with the right hens night supplies. And the other guests would definitely have no complaints. Continue reading

  • 3 Food-themed Hen Party Ideas

    The appreciation of food and drinks can really bring people together, and a hens night is no exception. If you have been given the responsibility of planning the bride-to-be’s huge fun night right before she gets married, then you know you have to make it as elegant, memorable and yet fun as possible. At the same time you have to give your bestie a chance to spend time with all her closest friends before she goes to the next phase of her life. Making your hens party food and drinks-themed creates a relaxed environment that can appeal to the entire group. Here are 3 ideas for a food & drink-themed bachelorette party: Continue reading

  • Researching the Right Stores for Girls’ Night Out Supplies Is Smart for Many Reasons

    For a good girls’ night out, you need the right supplies, games, and decorations. Since there are now great online stores like Hens Night Shop that offer everything you can imagine and then some, finding these items is no longer a problem. Whether your event is formal or casual, large or small, you deserve to get the decorations and partyware items you want and browsing hensnightshop.com.au is the perfect way to find what you’re looking for. Continue reading

  • How to Plan the Perfect Hens Night Celebration

    A hens night is a great way to celebrate the end of a woman’s single life in the company of good friends. Just as men have bucks parties for a husband-to-be and generally have a rowdy time of it, a great hens night should be memorable and enjoyable for everyone involved. Continue reading

  • Get the Fun Started with the Perfect Hens Night Festivities

    Having a hens night is one of the best traditions that accompany a wedding, and you want to be sure that it is a night you’ll never forget. If you are put in charge of running a hens night, you will need to be sure to pick great locations along the way as well as some fun ideas to fill the time and the make the most of your night. One of the best ways to start is by shopping for perfectly themed props to help get the night going. Continue reading

  • Make Your Hens Evening One to Remember with These Great Gifts and Decorations

    There’s nothing quite like a wedding. It’s one of those days that you’re sure to remember for the rest of your life. It’s an event that has the capacity to be absolutely beautiful, moving, and profoundly transformative. It marks the end of one chapter of your life, and the start of a whole new one. Continue reading

  • Pep Up Your Hens Night with Great Games

    Part of the fun of any hens night are the games that you get to play with your friends. While the food and music are important, as are the decorations, the games are what can really make your particular party stand out from others that you may have been to in the past. The best way to make sure that all of your guests have a fun time and that the night is one to remember is to buy fun games for everyone to enjoy. Continue reading

  • Perfecting the Bachelorette Party : Planning, Supplies, and Tips for Success

    Whether you are planning your bachelorette party openly, secretly, or in collaboration with the group, there are a lot of details to decide upon, namely the where and the what.

    The party doesn’t necessarily need to be a super elaborate, multi-destination mission, which could actually overcomplicate things. You also wouldn’t want the night to feel forced or rushed, so the goal is often to aim for simplicity. Continue reading

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