What to Gift Your Bride on the Hens Night?
Your best friend is about to bid adios to her spinster days and it is your turn to pamper her. For any special occasion, gifts form the crux and with the hens party, your gifts can be anything from creative to naughty and wild. Read on to find out some great tips to surprise your best friend on her special night.

Give it a Personal Touch

Put together a special handbook of personal pictures with handwritten notes from her favourite people. Give it your special touch by painting a card for her, getting hold of her favourite vintage wine or by baking her favourite cookies. Personalised gifts are always considered special and no matter how small and silly they are, they might just be “happy” tearjerker of the night.

Go Wild

Unleash the naughty side of your shy friend with a gift hamper full of licentious hens night accessories. From pecker pens to Willy lollipops there is so much to shop around and can be done discreetly online.

Gift the Couple Some Quality Time

The groom misses all the fun of the night. So why not let him have the bride in one of the exotic locations of the country. A honeymoon gift package is romantic, thoughtful and can be accompanied with whole box of naughty accessories. For a more budget-friendly option, you can set them up for a candle-light dinner at one of the most sophisticated restaurants in the city. The sky is really the limit when it comes to gift ideas for a hens night. So get right down and be lustful, impish, exorbitant and possibly everything.