Unusual Hens Party Ideas That Will Be Talked About For the Rest of the Year
Are you bored of usual hens party themes filled with dinner and drinks? Then, you must think out of the box to throw an unexpected and unusual hens night. With some fun and innovative games to some unusual bachelorette party supplies, you are good to go. Here are a few ideas that you must have never been done before.


Yes, Go-karting is the perfect hens night activity that every girls can do too. All you have to do is, get suited up, put on that helmet, and go zooming down the Go-Kart lane. You can easily find indoor go-karting companies that offer affordable packages for a hens party. Book the package, learn some skills, and you are ready to go-karting. To identify your gang at the course, pick out some bride tribe and other hens night accessories, tattoos, and other hens party supplies.

Makeover Parties

Who would say no to hair and makeup, new clothes, laughing, and gossiping? Choose the makeover to be based on the 20s, 60s, and even the 80s, to add more fun and entertaining. Hens night sashes, string pearls, headbands, tiara, and boa are the perfect hens night supplies that are suitable for makeover parties. Since everyone loves playing dress-up, the party will sure turn out Instagram worthy. With these party ideas, you can come up with more exciting bachelorette party games and activities that no one has seen before.