A fun night out with your best girlfriends and their friends is a “must have” memory before you get hitched. It is the last single girls’ party before getting married. That brings up the pressure of making it perfect. Everything is great after a level of comfort establishes between all your friends. Hen night games bring together everyone at the party. The following games entertain hens and bring up naughty theme at your party:

Pin the junk on the hunk

The adult version of pin the tail on the donkey is perfect for having youngster fun at hen party. It is suitable for all the bridal parties. Women from all ages know the game and enjoy it. There are various versions of the game available:
  • Stick a dick hunk party game
  • Pin the macho on the man
  • Pin the hose on the fireman game
  • Pin the torpedo on the sailor game
  • Pin the cock on jock game
  • Stick a dick stud party game

Open up all the bonds with Dare Games

How daring and fun do you think your friends are? You might be in for a surprise. It might be difficult to word out innovative dares at a drinking hen party. If you want to try something new then pick up a dare game from hens night games available online. Some of the best picks among dare games for hens’ night are:
  • Hens’ night dare scratch card
  • Miss bachelorette drink and dare lotto
  • Scavengers dare list game
  • Bride to be secret reveal card
Experiment with these games and discover a new side of yourself and your friends.