Hens night accessories mark memories for the bride to be and her friends. The fun things you do with these accessories make them a reminder of the fun times you had. Therefore, it is a good idea to have long lasting and fun accessories which can be stored among memoirs. Here are the top 3 accessories to spice up your hen night:

Willy Straws

Willy straws are a must for any hens party. Available in many colours, pecker straws will suit even the classies of hens nights. Not only do they look great in photos, guests can take them home as a momento of the fun event. These cheesy and funny hens night accessories are perfect for all hens and bachelorette events.

Bachelorette party badges

You can buy a pack of “write your own name bachelorette party badges” to add your memory stick. It is nice to be labelled and noticed. Let the world know you are getting married and let all the guests know each other’s names. These badges are perfect for all hens parties and make a great take home gift after the special event.

Pink Handcuffs

Who is a little naughty? It’s the bride to be. You can experiment with your naughty fun side with these sexy pink handcuffs. These handcuffs are perfect for a classic bride arrest and punishment. You can handcuff the bride then dare her. They also make a great present for the wedding night.