Tips to Make Sure Your Hens Party is Instaworthy
A hens party is one of the biggest parties you will ever have as a single, and if it’s a night surrounded by your close friends, you want to capture every moment of it. So, here we’ve compiled a few tips for Instagram-worthy hens party ideas.

Pick a Theme

Choosing the right theme for your hens party sets the right tone for the night. You can select a theme from any styles such as entirely rose gold night or bohemian-style that sets you apart from a normal cheap hens night.

Get Dressed Up

Inform your guests if there is a colour scheme, or if everyone will have matching outfits or t-shirts so the guests can plan. Choose a comfortable outfit in which you feel great and wear makeup to become more photogenic.

Hens Night Accessories

Hens Night Shop offers a wide range of hens night accessories from flower crown to tiara to add more sparkle and fun to your instaworthy hens night. Choose accessories like sashes, which can be a great way to tie all the guests together with a common feature. From photo booth props and hen bags to party banners and temporary tattoos, there are numerous stylish hen party accessories available at Hens Night Shop that are guaranteed to make you and your girlfriends sparkle! They stock a wide range of tableware, balloons, decorations, party favours, and more.