Hens Party Supplies

Hosting a hens party at home? Aren’t you sure where to start? Here we’ve listed a few tips to organise a fun hens party at home without breaking your budget.

Know the Basics

If you have been asked to organise a hens party for your friend, find out what the bride wants. Get cheap hens party supplies based on her desires as you don’t want to buy something that could make her feel completely gross. Also, ask the bride to prepare the guest list to ensure everyone is invited.

Set a Budget

Even if you are going to host a hens party at home, it may get pricey. You still need food, hens night accessories, decorations, and more to buy. So, plan early and discuss with the rest of the hens to plan a budget.         

Choose a Theme

Do you want to create a memorable evening? Then stick to a hens night theme that would guarantee lots of fun and laughs. From sleepover to dinner party, there are different ideas that could add more fun to the bride’s last night of freedom.

Add Some Decorations

If you are planning a hens party at home, it’s crucial to invest in some hens party decorations to give the space that party appearance. From hens party balloons to fun phone props, there are different cheap hens party supplies that can have a transformative effect.

Keep More Food and Snacks

Even if you are planning a dinner party, BBQ, or afternoon tea, you should still keep food and snacks for guests to munch on before serving the main platter. You must also have some nibbles handy to accompany drinks later on.