Camp-themed Bachelorette Party

Do you want to add a fun twist to the traditional hens night? What about having a camping bachelorette party? It sounds intimidating and hectic if this is the first camping bachelorette party that you’ve been tasked to plan and execute. Here we’ve listed a few tips that help you to host a memorable camp-themed hens party.

Make an Invite

Before making an invite finalise the guest list – people who the bride wants to join her at the altar on her special day. While inviting, you can get creative and give signs that you’ll be going camping by giving out a gift box that contains items like hot chocolate, bubbly, a personalised mug, sleeping bag, and more.

Time and Location

Deciding on the place and time to go camping is an essential step to make your hens party a rocking event. When choosing the date for the camp-themed hens party, go for dates that aren’t too close or too far from the wedding date. This makes the bride tribe get excited about the event without worrying about getting tired on the big day (if you are hosting hens night the day before the wedding). Also, choose a location that sets the mood for the party, and ensure that the place you select is safe and accessible to everyone.

Plan Games and Activities

When planning a camp-themed hens party, it’s mandatory to organise some activities and cheap hens night games that are safe and entertaining for everyone to enjoy.

Get Prepared

A camp-themed hens night party isn’t just a party. You are actually camping, and you need more products than your tent and sleeping bag to keep yourself more comfortable. Try including pillows, air mattress, flashlights, first aid kits, or even a pad to give you more comfort when camping in a tent. You can also include some cheap hens party supplies to incorporate the mood for your party and let others know that you are having a celebration over camping.

Camping hens parties are unique and unconventional and require some time and effort to get it organised well. If you are looking for hens night products and other camping supplies to make your party a great hit, visit us. We stock a wide range of cheap hens night supplies that make your party fun-filled.