If you happen to know the bride well, planning the hen do can be a piece of cake. However, make sure you are planning something that your friends will certainly enjoy, for it is a once in a lifetime event. Visiting a health resort for some pampering is quite the usual and nice, so try to go for normal and unique so your hen night activities are different to every other girls night out. Strict Rules for a Stunning Hens Party 1.    The most important rule that stands true for all of these parties is that hubby-to-be cannot attend! 2.    Make sure his mother or the bride’s mum is kept away if the bride doesn’t have a great relationship with her, as you want the hen to let loose and have a lot of fun, which may not be possible under supervision. 3.    Talk to only the Hen herself when it is time to invite her close friends and depending on the number of ladies attending, you can then work out he cost of the event and hens night theme 4.    Use Hens party products and games for a night of fun and frolic. You can include naughty novelties, sashes and veil and even pretty tiaras to add to the effect. 5.    Small gifting will certainly surprise the bride-to-be as who doesn’t like getting presents? It is a good idea to try and wheedle the idea out of the bride-to-be, so you really know what she wants, be it an action packed adventure with male dancers or a vintage picnic in the gardens. It is your best friend’s bachelorette bash after all and you must certainly strive to make it special.