In case you have a friend who has been recently engaged, you might be roped in for planning the bridal shower. Doing this requires a lot of research on your part and great attention to detail so that you can handle every aspect of the event with ease. Right from managing invites to being diplomatic about whom not to invite. You need to stay on top of things all the time. Must-Haves for a Stellar Event 1.    Planning the perfect bash is not an easy task as every hen wants her bash to be extraordinary. You can make this happen with hens party ideas and activities that will make the soiree different, but there are some classic touches that you must not forget. 2.    Incorporate a wide variety of food at the event so the ladies have something to munch on as they shower the bride-to-be with warm wishes. Using the hen’s favourite caterer can be a nice touch also, a chocolate fountain that she can dip edible garments in. 3.    The bridal shower will be incomplete without fun party games that reveal secrets and let the ladies share a laugh or two together. 4.    You can have some male dancers come over to dazzle the ladies and show the bride what she will soon be missing or don’t forget the all-time favourite hens party game Pin the Macho on the Man! Follow the above instructions and you will be on your way to creating a special hen celebration for your best friend. After such an extraordinary celebration, everyone invited will be all praises for you and in awe of your planning ability!