The Last Fling before the Ring
Every woman deserves to let her hair down once in a while. What better time to do it than right before saying “I do” to the person you love? Getting a group of your female friends together for a night of drinks, dresses, dancing, and games makes for an unforgettable time.

Getting Glammed Up

When celebrating your hens night, of course you want to feel glamorous. This is a night to celebrate you, your love, and your last time to live wildly as a single woman. Dressing up leaves you and your best girls feeling confident while going out on the town. Before heading out, consider a spa day where you paint your nails and get your hair done. Then, choose your sexiest dress or, better yet, matching t-shirts to get dressed for the big night. Don’t forget that no outfit is complete without the traditional hens party attire. Sashes, sunglasses, tiaras, and boas will make you stand out among the crowd and give everyone the opportunity to wish you a hearty congratulations.

Games Galore

Make the special night extra fun and extra silly with special games specifically for a bride and her wedding party. Games like Drink and Dare Lotto allow you to complete dares with your friends to earn points. Maybe the winner can even earn a drink from the rest of the group! Other games like relationship trivia, the scavenger dare list game, and the suck for a buck t-shirt, make for an interesting and memorable night that’s sure to cause lots of laughs. These games can be played out at the bars or even at home depending on your group. All the girls involved can enjoy the night out by participating together.

Staying in With Friends

If going out isn’t your thing, you can still have plenty of fun at home with your friends. Making special cocktails together while enjoying a game of charades is an enjoyable way to spend the night. Grab some props for a makeshift photo booth with some balloons to decorate, and you’ll have an equally memorable night together.