The Guest List for the Hens Party
Putting together the right guest list is probably the most challenging task in planning a Hens party. The decision however is mostly based on preference of the bride. Here are the solutions to some of the questions that usually pop up while planning invitations.

Mother and Mother-in-Law

Some contemporary brides do not have a problem with inviting the mother or mother-in-law to the hens night. However if you are planning for a raunchy and raucous party that may not go down every well with the older generation, then it is better to keep them at bay.

Friends who are not invited to the wedding

It is absolutely no problem to have the girls not invited for the wedding at your hens party. This would just be a way of including more people into your celebration and would let the guest feel honoured about sharing your excitement in the smallest possible way.

Colleagues and work mates

Do not bring in workmates unless you share the real “buddy” vibe with them. However to bring in the boss is a big no-no! It is recommended to keep the private details of the party from reaching your work place.

Sisters and Sisters in Law

Hens parties are much more fun if you could bring together the sisters who are often the partners in crime and the easiest commingling member of the new family, the sisters-in-law. Hens nights may really be a motley force of different personalities. Therefore the host must hold the right hens night goodies to keep them all entertained and involved.