Planning a Vintage Hens Party
Vintage is in rage! Vintage themes are not only for those who admire the womanly etiquette of the bygone era. It is a perfect way to let travel back in time and explore fantastic fashion, hair-dos and glamour. Here is how you can get started with this classy theme.

Pick your favourite era

Anything from the 1920s to the 1970s can be called vintage. Choose your favourite decade by analysing the vibes associated with that particular time, For instance, the 1950s were a “rock and roll” time. A jitterbug dance or Elvis –styled waiters would be apt for this era.

Prep the place

To start with, decorate the venue by choosing from the great range of hens party items available today. Pick the ones that suit the chosen era and ensure the place is styled to perfection. Colourful chinaware and multi-floral patterns are quite characteristic of vintage.

Get the vintage look

Hire a professional to get your retro look together perfectly. Vintage allows a lot of space for creativity and the options are plenty. Choose a polka dot mini dress, adorn long strands of pearls and get a classy hair-do from the older days.

Add suitable accessories

Focussing on the finest details makes the party finally come to life! Simple things like adding a few vintage leather cases to one corner of the room, personalised vintage photo walls, antique gits are some ideas that can help complete the look. Voila, you are now all set to bring in the decadence from the past and surprise the bride-to-be!