Simple Rules to Host a Hens Party
Every wedding and every bride is different! As a maid of honour, you are expected to handle a variety of maid of honour responsibilities of every size. From picking the perfect wedding dress to planning a hens party, you’ve some special responsibilities in helping the bride make key decisions. Here is a list of unspoken rules every bridesmaid or maid of honour must be aware of while planning hens night activities.

Surprises are Not Mandatory

When throwing a hens night, one of the first things to consider is the personality of the bride. Surprises are suitable for spontaneous brides while the plan-loving bride might freak out.

Pay Attention to the Suggestions of the Bride

As a maid of honour, it’s your responsibility to gather details such as whom the bride wants to invite for the bachelorette party, what details she would like to add to the hens party decorations and more. If you are too keen on keeping the party a secret, ask her mom, fiancé, or anyone close to her to get these details. Set Up a Party that the Bride Would Love A hens party doesn’t have to be X-rated all the time. It’s okay to add a little naughtiness here and there that stirs up some laughs at the party, but don’t overdo it. If you want to make the party a real fun, go for some cheap hens party games and activities that the bride would love. It makes her feel truly special, instead of embarrassing her in front of her in-laws.

Split the Bill

Being a maid of honour doesn’t mean that you have to be the main financer too. Send an email to the bride tribe about all your plans to get everyone on board before booking anything ahead. Plan and set a budget for everything from hens party sashes to hens party decorations, so that you don’t have to spend any additional money on bookings, decorations, or food.