Preparing for a Hens Night
The events leading up to a wedding can be a whirlwind of fun and sometimes stressful occasions can occur. Therefore, you need to be prepared for anything. If you are planning a night out with the girls, you need to make sure that you acquire just the right party supplies. After all, your party will not be as festive without the right decorations and games.

Did You Order Your Party Straws?

Naturally, if your bachelorette party leads you to a variety of pubs, you want to make sure that you are well equipped when it comes to straws. For example, many brides-to-be like the hen party swirl straws or straws designed in an umbrella style. For example, pink and white umbrellas straws that feature the words “Wild One” set just the right vibe for a hen party night escapade. A package contains five flexible straws with an attached umbrella. These straws are ideal accessories to use with cocktail drinks.

Other Supplies You May Need

Besides the straws, you might want to choose some hot pink hens night plates or hot pink napkins. You could also consider a pink hen party banner too, especially if your hens party is a night on the town, as it can be set up across a bar or used to brighten a party room. The banner features the words “hens party,” repeated across the length of pink holographic design. You can either use the full length of the banner or cut it into sections. The entire banner spans 1.8 metres in length and is 12 centimetres wide. Whatever you choose as a party favour or accent, having specialty items for your celebration will make it one unique and memorable occasion.