Planning a Great Hens’ Night
Planning a hens’ night with the girls is a lot of fun. While some people don’t spend a lot of time planning the actual night, many women love to think ahead and purchase accessories that can be enjoyed while out on the town or at home celebrating together.

Look for Something Fun While You Stay in

There are a lot of different hens night games available for sale that will really make the night enjoyable. These games are perfect for the group of women who want to stay in and enjoy each other’s company and laughter without going out on the town. Some of these games include “pin the macho on the man” and a “premium pecker pinata”. No matter what kind of game you choose, these go great with girlfriends and a glass of wine!

Going Out on the Town

One of the most fun ways to celebrate a hens’ night is to buy plenty of hens night accessories and hit the town. Nothing is more fun than dressing up with tiaras, sashes, and badges and drinking out of special straws and shot glasses. A lot of places are willing to allow you to bring your own drinkware to celebrate these special nights; if not, you will still have novelty straws, temporary tattoos, and the “hens’ night pecker dicky selfie stick” to celebrate with! Don’t let a hens’ night pass by without turning it into a great celebration! With so many fun items and clothing pieces to choose from, you’re sure to have a blast.