Plan Fun-Filled Games for A Memorable Hen’s Night
  If you are planning a hen’s night for a friend or a family member, finding the right games are an integral part of the big event. As you will be inviting many guests, it is important to choose thoughtful games that will keep your guests entertained and ensure they have fun. Everyone expects some kind of naughtiness in hens night games so don't be shy to pick something that enhances the fun quotient of the evening. We bring you some fun-filled games that you can easily buy online and boost your party’s enjoyment! A Twist to the Traditional Dares - You will find games like Drink & Dare or Scratch a Dare that can definitely become a hit at the party. These games come with some pre-defined dares that have been designed to spice things up at a hen’s night! Play your Cards Right - Everyone enjoys a challenging card game. But at a hen’s night, they will enjoy pecker shaped cards like never before! Their unique shape makes these cards a hit at parties and since they are just like a normal deck of cards, everyone can join in the games. Time for Some Trivia - If you are looking for some simple and ice-breaker games, you can go for relationship trivia coasters that will be a great start to the evening. Each coaster has a question revolving around men, romance and relationships. It will be a fun way to know how well-versed your guests are with relationships! These bridal shower games will ensure your friends leave all inhibitions behind and truly enjoy this special night! It will also be an unforgettable way to celebrate the bride-to-be’s last night of singlehood!