Pep Up Your Hens Night with Great Games
Part of the fun of any hens night are the games that you get to play with your friends. While the food and music are important, as are the decorations, the games are what can really make your particular party stand out from others that you may have been to in the past. The best way to make sure that all of your guests have a fun time and that the night is one to remember is to buy fun games for everyone to enjoy.

Pin the Tail on the Donkey Is All Grown Up

While most people remember playing pin the tail on the donkey, this game has an adult twist when played as one of your hens night games. In these versions, you can pin the hose on the fireman, pin the macho on the man, or even stick a dick on the hunk. No matter what version you choose, you and all of your guests are sure to have a blast playing.

Other Games

Besides that popular game, there are other hens party games that you can buy to spice up your day. These include scavenger hunts, pecker hoopla games where you throw hoops around a pecker, and even a premium pecker piñata that you can stuff full of candy and trinkets. The right hens party games will help to set the tone for your party, so it’s important to really think about what kind of fun you want to have with your guests. There are all types of games to choose from on the Hens Night Shop website so browse around and see which ones will be suitable. When choosing games for your hens night, make sure that they are ones that everyone will enjoy, and you are all sure to have a blast!