Keep Everyone Entertained with Stick a Dick STUD Party Game
Long past are the days when hen’s nights were about all the women getting together and sharing their advice on marriage with blushing brides. Today, hens parties are much more open and are still a great opportunity to celebrate with your nearest and dearest and get the generations of women who are important to the bride together to have one last fling before the ring. So, it’s your responsibility to chooses hens party games that create a memorable event where everyone feels special and included. Here is an amazingly fun game to host a great hens party.

Stick a Dick Hunk Party Game

Stick a Dick Hunk Party Game is an adult version of the old party favourite Pin the Tail On The Donkey. This game is one of the favourite all-time Hens Party Games and includes the following items,
  1. Willy Eye Mask
  2. 12 reusable character Willy stickers
  3. Special prize Sticker for the Winner
  4. Giant Glossy Poster of a Hunk
  5. Optional Cut Out head so you can play on any male

Instructions to Play

  1. Unfold the man poster and pin him up on the door or a wall
  2. Pick one from the twelve hilariously named appendages
  3. Turn around three times with your willy eye mask covering your eyes
  4. Now, take aim and fire
You can reward the winner with the prestigious "I know where to stick it" sticker. You can also cut out the face and find a willing man brave enough to model your sheet for a real life game and more outrageous laughs.