Ideas for a Great Hens’ Night
When a person is about to be married, it’s important to celebrate the occasion with good friends and family. Men may have their bucks’ night but women have the opportunity to enjoy a flagrant, no-holds-barred hens’ night! This is where good friends help the bride-to-be celebrate her impending marriage and her change in life.

Getting Out and Enjoying Yourself

Hens night activities can really be anything but the event should always be about having fun, celebrating friendship, and saying goodbye to the single life. Traditionally, it is the best friend who organises a hens’ night but what if you are stuck for great hens night ideas? Here are just a few ideas for inspiration: Out on the Town: Why not go out and paint the town red with good friends? Bar hopping is a common celebratory technique in Australia; always have a designated driver with you! Hire a Hall: If the hen is more of a homebody, it might be a good idea to hire out a local hall for the party. This way, you can invite more people and really make an event out of it. Games: One of the mainstays of every hens’ night, games are always a great idea! The good news is that we have an online store that stock exclusive hen’ night party games. They will not only incite and cause raucous laughter but will remind the bride-to-be about what she has to look forward to or what she will miss about single life!

Getting the Mix Right

Whatever you plan, it’s always important to place the interests of the bride-to-be first and foremost. This also means making sure that you invite only the people closest to her along for the ride.