How to Celebrate with the Bride-to-Be
Getting married is one of the most important events in a woman’s life. Everything about it is something that she will remember, including the celebration the night before or whenever you choose to hold the hens night. There are many ways to make the bachelorette party special whether you throw her a private party at home or take the bride out for a night on the town or weekend away.

Play Games at Home

If you decide on a quiet night in, there are several hens party games that everyone can play and have fun with while sharing a few drinks and snacks. You can play trivia games, challenge the girls to do dares, or select board games with fun themes that everyone can play. Some of the games can also be played if everyone wants to go out for the evening.

Going Out to Celebrate

If the celebration is taking place at a nightclub or restaurant, then there are hens party activities that can be planned for a night out on the town. Before going out, everyone can be given a sash, hat, and/or badge so that anyone they come across can easily identify the bride, the maid of honour, and the mother of the bride, among others. It is a fun way of celebrating the last evening as a single woman for the bride-to-be. As a way of remembering the evening, the attendees of the party can be given swag bags full of fun items. The celebration can also be shared with friends and family via pictures posted online; however, you should always get permission before posting pictures.