How to Set the Right Hens Night Theme – A Handy Guide
Picking the right hens night theme is not always easy. While selecting a theme, you need to consider one that is suitable for the hen, your budget, and the guests as well. For a memorable night, choose one amongst these 4 fun hens night themes:

Home Flower Party:

If you prefer organising a hens night party at the bride’s home, a flower themed party would be an unusual, yet great idea. Decorate their home with colourful flowers and balloons, make potpourri and flower headbands, and anything else flower-related. Guests shall get dressed up in beautiful floral dresses that match with the theme.

Cocktail Party:

Who does not like a cocktail party? They are all about drinks and fun, and guests get to wear fancy costumes. But it doesn’t have to be limited to drinks. Add a little bit of fun with some games such as trivia, truth or dare, or even a scavenger hunt involving naughty hens night accessories and supplies.

Dress-Up Hens Theme:

Dress-up theme is where the guests are all dressed the same. Vintage fashion is quite popular with this theme such as the flapper and Great Gatsby dresses. Choose a theme that the bride likes and organise everything else that is suitable to the theme.

Party Bus:

How about a mobile hens night party? Think about organising the party in a bus, with loud music, tasty drinks, and guests having a great time. Take it up a notch with fun hens party supplies too. These are some of the best theme suggestions for a fun hens night party. Always remember to choose a theme that the bride is happy and satisfied with.