How to Plan the Perfect Hens Night Celebration
A hens night is a great way to celebrate the end of a woman’s single life in the company of good friends. Just as men have bucks parties for a husband-to-be and generally have a rowdy time of it, a great hens night should be memorable and enjoyable for everyone involved.

Tips on Organising a Great Hens Night

Usually, it falls to the best friend of the bride-to-be to organise hens night activities. It can be an overwhelming experience for any best friend to organise but by applying some common sense and remembering a few things, a memorable hens night can be enjoyed by all. Here are some ideas on organising a hens night:
  • Venue: One of the most important things is to ensure that the right venue for the hens party is chosen. Many hens nights take place in local pubs but they can really be anywhere from cafes and restaurants to local halls and back gardens. The choice of venue is really dependent upon the preferences of the invitees. Would they enjoy a restaurant atmosphere or prefer a party at someone’s home?
  • Games: Many hens nights involve games and other hens night accessories, including dress-ups, hats, and fun paraphernalia. Lots of women at such parties really enjoy the fun that can be had with games and other party accessories and choosing what to purchase is dependent on what people might enjoy.
  • People: Inviting the right people is crucial. It is important to invite people who will get along and who will provide a good energy for the night. The right people can make the experience truly memorable!

Planning a Memorable Party Night

A hens night party that has been organised well can be a fantastic way to celebrate the end of a single life. A great hens night will be a night to remember for life!